Pigs Eye Theatre

by on December 29, 2010

Welcome to Pigs Eye Theatre.

It is our goal to showcase local theatre troups and actual events throughout the United States and the world.  If you have a production or a production company, you would like to showcase, send us your information.

For years, people have watched theatre productions for entertainment, goings on in the world and to broaden their horizons.  Theatre productions have used this fascination to perform their interpretations to shape the world we live in.  Whether it is acting, singing, playing music or dancing, the players use this venue to showcase their craft.

From the most prestigious performing art centers to the local acting guilds and even high schools, entertainment is on display for an eagerly waiting audience.  The productions can be campy.  They can be funny.  They can be dramatic and serious.  One thing for sure,  the production company is there to perform for its audience and tell their story.

Most performers were not born natural performing artists.  They were people that grew up loving theatre productions.  They had a burning desire and love to be on stage in front of an audience. These artists trained hard to become the players they are.  They work each and every day to hone their talents and craft.  All to provide that awe inspiring performance to electrify their audience.

We as an audience, should show our appreciation to this work of art.  Support your local theatre productions with donations and attendance.  Without the performing arts we would have no sense of history and who we are.

The original pigseyetheatre.org website was a production company that produced plays in the Minnesota/Twin Cities area.  We are not affiliated in any way with this group.

Here is a video from Move It 2013.  Enjoy!